Marine Crimes Today is issued monthly as a full color digital document and sent to all IAMI members worldwide with a valid email address.   IAMI aims to release each issue in the first week of each month.

Material date – The deadline for submission of all artwork and copy is the 25th of the month prior to publication.

All sponsorships are full-page size (US Letter) the Sponsor is responsible for providing final publication-ready artwork in electronic format.

The rates for sponsorship are:

A full-page sponsorship in 4 or more issues:$US 200
A full-page sponsorship in two issues:$US 350
A full-page sponsorship in three issues:$US 450
A full-page sponsorship in 4 or more issues:$US 125 per issue (minimum 4)
Banner on MCT website:Additional $US 50 per package

To take advantage of this exciting opportunity and reach thousands of people from across the world please complete the contract provided in the link below.  This publication is available to the public and not limited to just the IAMI membership.  If you have any questions please contact